Purifying the air by Hand Tree

Hand Tree

Alexandr Kostin from Russia has developed a very unique product to tackle the global problem of air pollution at both the micro and macro level. His idea of Hand Tree, though a simple idea, but has far reaching benefits and potential impact. It works on the principle of how plants purify the air around them. The device shown below sucks in impure air and releases purified air along with some personal fragrances, depending on the user’s preferences.

Hand tree in principle


Alexandr believes by combining the power of millions of such Hand Trees around us, the overall quality of air in the cities and towns can be drastically improved. He has submitted his design at the Electrolux Design Lab and I believe this product if addresses issues of recharging the device with a renewal energy source, can be a potent device for controlling air pollution.

Hand tree in working


One can read more about Alexandr’s creation on this weblink Hand tree



One thought on “Purifying the air by Hand Tree

  1. Really cool! If the technology can be designed there is a lot of potential for large scale installations!

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