Send human touch wirelessly!!

There is no limit to the human imagination. The product below is working to give a new dimension to this. How would it feel if you are alone in another part of the world but can still receive the touch of your loved ones across the oceans and mountains?


The panGenerator in collective collaboration with Cheil is working on an innovative technology of transmitting the human touch between two individuals via bluetooth and internet connection provided by the smartphones. Its called remote tactile communication.



The bracelet is comprised of two elements, one for sending data and the other for receiving. Touch sensor located on the upper side of the bracelet converts swipes into tactile/haptic motion on the receiving device. The device is currently an early alpha version – the next version will be about 50% slimmer and the temporary textile strip will be replaced with casted polyurethane.

Checkout their video on the product. 
TACTILU – a bracelet for remote tactile communication ( work in progress )


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