Umbrella gets a new look!

There are some products that have remained the same shape and look for generations that we can remember of. This is because they solve the purpose for which they were made just in the shape and size they have been made for all these generations. One such product is the all so useful UMBRELLA. 

However came across this unique redesign that Stephen Collierhas given to umbrella. The Rainshader is a more crowd-friendly umbrella, designed to reduce the chance of dripping on someone’s feet or poking them in the eye.



How often we step out in the rain with our umbrella and only our head remains shielded while rest of our body gets wet because rains do not always come vertically downwards!! Covering your back with the Rainshader seems so very practical and useful.



There have been many others who have tried to make changes to the model of the Umbrella but nothing seems to be more practical upgrade than this Rainshader. Unlike an ordinary umbrella, which channels water in all directions from its center, the Rainshader instead channels water forwards and backwards via parallel panels of material. The back of the Rainshader hangs low over the user’s shoulders and the front is cut away to see forwards (though sideway vision would seem to be impaired, so the Rainshaded should go extra carefully when crossing roads).



So here we have an umbrella which gives your own private space protected from the nature’s wrath in Monsoons.


One thought on “Umbrella gets a new look!

  1. A clear plastic “window” on the side would help with visibility. I love the design!

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