A portable water purifier for drinking sea water!

We have always studied since school days that 70% of the earth is covered with water but most of it is not drinkable due to sea’s salinity and minerals. Its been man’s desire to always be able to harness this seemingly limitless source of water for drinking purposes. We have made significant progress with that but never had a portable device ever.

Innovative product1

This is one product that would have really come handy to Robinson Crusoe or Tom Hanks in the Adventure Drama named Cast Away or the most recent Thriller ‘Life of Pi’. Being able to drink sea-water is like a dream come true for every sea traveler and mariner. There are some large devices which have been developed for this purpose and converts sea water into drinkable state. But none of them are portable and not fit for storing in your bag. Designers Younsun Kim, Kangkyung Lee, Byungsoo Kim and Minji Kim have developed a product which solves all these purposes. Its named the Puri – Sea Water Desalination Bottle.

Innovative product5

The Puri works on the concept of Reverse Osmosis and has been put in a very compressed and compact form inside the bottle. This regular sized bottle draws the saline out of the water and into the bottle’s yellow filter. The remaining water is then safe to drink, which could mean the difference between life and death in a sudden marine emergency. See the process flow of the bottle below.
Innovative product2

Innovative product3

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Check out their video on YouTube here


Umbrella gets a new look!

There are some products that have remained the same shape and look for generations that we can remember of. This is because they solve the purpose for which they were made just in the shape and size they have been made for all these generations. One such product is the all so useful UMBRELLA. 

However came across this unique redesign that Stephen Collierhas given to umbrella. The Rainshader is a more crowd-friendly umbrella, designed to reduce the chance of dripping on someone’s feet or poking them in the eye.



How often we step out in the rain with our umbrella and only our head remains shielded while rest of our body gets wet because rains do not always come vertically downwards!! Covering your back with the Rainshader seems so very practical and useful.



There have been many others who have tried to make changes to the model of the Umbrella but nothing seems to be more practical upgrade than this Rainshader. Unlike an ordinary umbrella, which channels water in all directions from its center, the Rainshader instead channels water forwards and backwards via parallel panels of material. The back of the Rainshader hangs low over the user’s shoulders and the front is cut away to see forwards (though sideway vision would seem to be impaired, so the Rainshaded should go extra carefully when crossing roads).



So here we have an umbrella which gives your own private space protected from the nature’s wrath in Monsoons.

Send human touch wirelessly!!

There is no limit to the human imagination. The product below is working to give a new dimension to this. How would it feel if you are alone in another part of the world but can still receive the touch of your loved ones across the oceans and mountains?


The panGenerator in collective collaboration with Cheil is working on an innovative technology of transmitting the human touch between two individuals via bluetooth and internet connection provided by the smartphones. Its called remote tactile communication.



The bracelet is comprised of two elements, one for sending data and the other for receiving. Touch sensor located on the upper side of the bracelet converts swipes into tactile/haptic motion on the receiving device. The device is currently an early alpha version – the next version will be about 50% slimmer and the temporary textile strip will be replaced with casted polyurethane.

Checkout their video on the product. 
TACTILU – a bracelet for remote tactile communication ( work in progress )

Harnessing Kinetic energy to solve lighting problem

Danielle Trofe has combined aesthetics with pure science in her beautifully designed LED Hourglass lamps that are powered by the kinetic energy of falling sand! A brilliant self sustaining lamp…She has found a beautiful way of putting across a fact to the consumers that the source of energy will end unless we work towards preserving it.


The shape of the lamps are like hourglass and the lamps need to be flipped to continue working and require the user’s involvement to stimulate awareness of the finite nature of lighting energy sources. The lamp works on the simple principle of falling sand and is also solar powered to have a back up.


Read about her more on…

Danielle Trofe’s Hourglass LED Lamps Use the Kinetic Power of Sand to Produce Light

Purifying the air by Hand Tree

Hand Tree

Alexandr Kostin from Russia has developed a very unique product to tackle the global problem of air pollution at both the micro and macro level. His idea of Hand Tree, though a simple idea, but has far reaching benefits and potential impact. It works on the principle of how plants purify the air around them. The device shown below sucks in impure air and releases purified air along with some personal fragrances, depending on the user’s preferences.

Hand tree in principle


Alexandr believes by combining the power of millions of such Hand Trees around us, the overall quality of air in the cities and towns can be drastically improved. He has submitted his design at the Electrolux Design Lab and I believe this product if addresses issues of recharging the device with a renewal energy source, can be a potent device for controlling air pollution.

Hand tree in working


One can read more about Alexandr’s creation on this weblink Hand tree