Portable Solar powered socket!

Solar powered products are the rage of the day. Anything and everything that runs on solar gets immediate media attention. But have we ever thought of how to harness the solar energy that is around us in our workplace and homes? There is abundance of solar power around us where we sit and work everyday. Designers Kyohu Song and Boa Oh have done just that and conceptualized a simple yet usable and practical device that each one of us can use. Its the Window Socket solar powered outlet.

ImageWhat I like best about the product is the simplicity and usefulness of the product. The portable socket attaches to a window pane that is receiving sunlight. On its underside, it has solar panels that generate the electricity. The solar panels suck energy from the sun. The charger converts that energy into electricity. You plug into the charger.

ImageEven better, the charger stores that energy. After five to eight hours of charging, the socket provides 10 hours of use. You can pop it off the window, stick it in your bag, and use it to charge up your phone with solar energy, even if you’re sitting in a dark room.

ImageI am not sure how much of power it can generate but then the objective is to save as much of small bits of fossil fuel that we can in our daily lives. The power from this solar plug should be sufficient to charge up our power hungry cell-phones and other mobile devices.