Handy water purifier for travellers

Water borne diseases continue to rule the kingdom of ailments! Water is something we humans cannot stay without and the availability of clean drinking water is difficult when we are on the roads and travelling to far off places. The problem of clean drinking water is all the more prominent in third world countries. Grayl, which is a Seattle based startup has come up with a brilliant handy solution to this clean drinking water problem.


The device has G3+ Three technologies in one for clean, safe water
G1 – Triple charged mesh captures germs (protozoa, bacteria, and viruses)
G2 – Ultra-powdered activated carbon from natural coconut husks filters odor, flavor, industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals, and heavy metals
G3- Antimicrobial agent to keep it fresh between uses


To put it simply the device consists of a double-walled container with a mesh filter system contained within the base of the inner cup. Once the outer cup has been filled with water, the user then places the inner cup inside and pushes down, forcing the liquid through the filter. The filter combines three technologies to ensure the water is properly purified: a triple charged mesh the capture germs, a layer of ultra-powdered activated carbon and an antimicrobial agent to keep the filter fresh between uses.


GRAYL is effective against disease causing water-borne pathogens, metals, chemicals, flavor and odor. This innovative idea could help millions of people in the various parts of the world where clean drinking water is a LUXURY!


3 thoughts on “Handy water purifier for travellers

  1. Is it effective against amoebas and parasites? If so, it will be a most welcomed addition…if it doesn’t weigh too much!

  2. Grayl Purifier greatly reduces metals & chemicals that make water taste and smell bad, industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals commonly found in tap water. The Filter and Purifier are both effective against germs that cause gastrointestinal illness such as giardia (protozoa), E.Coli, and bacteria. The G3+ Purifier adds protection against viruses like Rotovirus and Hepatitis A.

    As for the weight, its made keeping in mind travellers like you, so its a light weight device. Could get handy on your travels to India and Mexico!


  3. Nice job, its an incredible post. The knowledge is good to know!

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